Our clients testimonials

Témoignage Briac L.F. - Immobilier de prestige à Paris

Briac L.F.

"From the very beginning of our apartment search until the final closing, we have been guided by a true professional, very reactive, always on our side and extremely caring for his clients’ interests. A perfect real estate acquisition experience with a trustworthy professional."
Xavier R.

Xavier R.

"We specifically thank Nicolas URBAIN for his commitment in our apartment sale. He advised us for the apartment staging and optimally appraised our apartment. Highly recommended."
Témoignage Gilles B. - Appartements, maisons et lofts à Paris

Gilles B.

"A remarkably orchestrated transaction, a close follow-up, a rare level of exigence and very rigorous partners (notary). I recommend this agency who appraised my apartment in my very best interest."
Témoignage Clément F. - Appartements, maisons et lofts à Paris

Clément F.

"Throughout my apartment purchasing process, Nicolas URBAIN demonstrated his outstanding professionalism. Listening and very educative, his input has been precious to provide trust and transparency to all parties. An absolute must!"
Témoignage Lilian M. - Appartements, maisons et lofts en Ile de France

Lilian M.

"A service level unmatched by his competition."
Témoignage Nicolas P. - Appartements, maisons et lofts à Paris

Nicolas P.

"Nicolas URBAIN managed to sell my apartment in a record time at the expected price. Every 3 days, I had a comprehensive feedback of the client showings. 3 words: reactive, professional and efficient!."
Témoignage Claude K. - Immobilier de prestige à Paris

Claude K.

"I have been very satisfied with Nicolas URBAIN’s level of professionalism and his great efficiency. I will recommend at the first opportunity."
Témoignage Jérôme B. - Appartements, maisons et lofts en Ile de France

Jérôme B.

"A huge thank you to Nicolas URBAIN. Our property has been appraised accurately and factually, and sold at the appraisal price. He brought in qualified potential buyers, enabling a quick transaction. A great performance!"
Témoignage Pierre-Yves C - Immobilier de prestige à Paris

Pierre-Yves C.

"Nicolas URBAIN’s real estate market expertise totally comforted my choice to list with this agency. Trust has been immediate in a distant sales context. Availability, advice and professionalism, I will warmly recommend him around me."
Témoignage Benjamin L. - Appartements, maisons et lofts en Ile de France

Benjamin L.

"Nicolas URBAIN’s approach is very professional. He is very straightforward and leaves nothing undisclosed. We have been lucky to rely on him for our first real estate purchase. He proved to be a trusted partner all along the course of the transaction process."